135,000+ Square Feet, Every Square Inch State Of The Art

135,000+ Square Feet, Every Square Inch State Of The Art

Prior to 2010, J+D operated from three separate facilities. We custom designed and built our current 135,000-square-foot facility for pharma manufacturing and consolidated all of our operations under one roof. Currently, 100% of our operations—including offices, QC analytical laboratory, R&D, warehouse, and production—are located at this Vista, CA facility.

Quality Design

We specifically designed our facility from the ground up for pharma manufacturing with GMP quality standards incorporated throughout the design. The plant layout allows for ideal product flow which maximizes efficiency, reduces turnaround time, and limits the potential for cross contamination. No detail was overlooked during the design process which includes custom air handling, temperature and humidity control, environmental monitoring, seamless concrete flooring and FRP walling for improved sanitation and an advanced integrated purified water system.


Capacity is our strength in many ways:

  • It enables us to grow with you and accommodate your future pharma manufacturing needs
  • It enhances speed and flexibility in production to meet your forecasted demand as well as your unpredictable acute needs
  • It provides high production reliability resulting in quick turnaround times

Our infrastructure is designed to be dynamic to meet your needs big or small.

Softgel: 10+ billion units annual
Capsule: 2+ billion units annual
Tablet: 2+ billion units annual

Social Responsibility

At J+D Labs, we embrace the challenge of making life better every day—for our clients, the end consumers of the healthful products we make and our employees. We are committed to being environmentally friendly and take pride in giving back to the community. We’ve installed a clean energy UTC 400kw Hydrogen Fuel Cell on-site. Our roof supports the largest privately owned Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) System in Vista, CA which conserves enough energy to power 191 homes and offsets 1,139 tons of carbon annually. Our facility is also LEED certified for core and shell. You can take comfort in knowing that we go above and beyond to provide only the best for you and your products. Read More